Know Some Types Of Socks For Sport

Socks must be a must for everyone who uses shoes. Especially for sports athletes who have to wear socks that are always comfortable to avoid injury. You’ll also need comfortable socks and Novelty Socks to use.

Sports certainly need clothes and socks that are also comfortable for sports activities can run well and avoid injury. There are several types of socks that are tailored to the type of exercise performed, such as

1. Athletic Sock
As the name suggests, this type of sock is used for sports, such as basketball, tennis and even a gym. These socks have a thick material and high absorption.

2. Hiking Sock
This type of socks is perfect for those of you who wear long boots, and for climbers. The thick material with extra pads on the heels is perfect for climbing.

3. Running Sock
The size of the socks of this type tends to be short and only limited to the ankle. These socks have varying thickness and can be adapted to the type of running shoes used.