The Importance of Parents Role in Toddler Development

Parents can train the development of 2 – 5-year-old toddler brain through toys, but parents should be selective in giving toys and invite the baby to play. Brain development that occurs at any age level will affect the selection of the game. Here are some great types of games to hone and support your toddler’s brain development!

Arrange foam blocks. The benefits of playing foam blocks together are the same as matching shapes. With this game, brain development of children 2 – 5 years can be through toys that require them to analyze how to play a game tool.

Trained the balance of the left and right brain work by playing. Often encountered inequality of ability between the left and right brain; whereas both have functioned as important. To train the development of 2- to the 5-year-old brain, parents can provide some games that stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain to work together such as throwing catch, swimming, running and some activities involving the motor system.

Matching shapes. The development of toddler brain 2 – 5 years can pass the child’s toys like matching the shape. Although it looks simple, this game will require the child to analyze the same shape and then be matched. By giving these exercises or stimuli every day, the toddler’s brain can develop better.