What Are Orthodontics and What are the Methods Used?

Orthodontics is a branch of dental science that studies the growth, development, facial, jaw and teeth are very large and dentofacial abnormalities and treatment of repair. The purpose of orthodontic treatment is the acquisition of uniform teeth so as to improve the aesthetic of the face and teeth, can eliminate the areas where landfills, eliminate premature contacts that cause mandibular shifts and cause pain in the joints or muscles, prevent the occurrence of trauma that can be caused by the location of teeth which irregular and reduce the possibility of damage to the anterior teeth Due to the location of the teeth are too protrusion. To get the best orthodontic treatment, you can visit orthodontist winnipeg.

Two orthodontic methods are known:

1. Without Surgery
That is, orthodontic treatment without surgery can be done in two ways without surgery and with surgery. At this time we will discuss about the method without surgery. In general, this method is divided into two, namely removable appliance and fixed appliance.

2. By Surgery
That is orthodontic treatment by performing surgery on craniofacial disorders in order to repair either the mandibular segment or the mandible or the entire jaw, in order to obtain a better function.

At this time we will discuss more treatment without surgery. As mentioned before, in general, this method is divided into two, namely:

1. A removable appliance is an orthodontic device that can be removed and installed and cleaned by the patient himself. In accordance with its function as a shifting position of the gear to the desired place, this tool is divided into three parts, namely the active part, the retention and the base plate. This orthodontic tool is usually recommended for patients with mild cases.

2. A fixed appliance is an orthodontic appliance attached to a tooth, whose installation and discharge can only be performed by a specialist orthodontic dentist who has specialized skills. Thus, patients cannot install or remove themselves. Based on its function, the fixed tool is divided into several parts, namely metal band, bracket/stirrup, archwire/curve wire, and auxiliary.