Causes of Allergy

Allergies in addition to can cause itching in the skin, it can also cause a fatal reaction. Although this reaction is rare, you must remain vigilant. In addition to causing skin reddening, allergies can also cause hard to breathing, weakness, abdominal cramps, swelling in the throat, until the loss of consciousness. If not treated immediately, allergies can also cause death. If you have a skin allergy, you should as soon as possible find out the cause so you can avoid direct contact with your allergens. Find a drug that can help you with visiting a pharmacy. Visit our website and find out kroger pharmacy hours.

By knowing the type of allergy you suffer, it will be easier for you to prevent allergic reactions on your skin. Allergies can be caused by many things and their types vary depending on the type of allergen. Some causes of allergies include food such as seafood, cosmetic tools such as powder and more.